Volume 6: Issue 7



Prom Met with Negative Reactions from Students by Inaissa Sylla

Newly Elected SCA Officers Look Forward to Next Year by Kaden Ellison


Behind the Scenes of Tallwood High School’s Yearbook Club by Trey Kuriger III

APICS Celebrates Diversity and Unity Through Spectacular Culture Show by J Santiago Smith-Jordan

Global Gala: The Grand Come Back by Sophia Dodge


Abortion Pills Shouldn’t Be Restricted by Isabella Bejarano

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Adopting From Kill Shelters – Like Right Now by Jenna Hentrich

Arts and Enterainment

The “Bad Guys” made for a Good Movie by Richard Johnson

“The Last Dance”, the Widely Anticipated Sports Documentary by Joshua Gapuz


Tallwood Baseball and Softball Teams Wrap Up Successful Seasons by Amanda Vallieres

Meet the Managing Editors of this Issue

Meet the Managing Editors: Maleah Hill and Javon Taylor