Behind the Scenes of Tallwood High School’s Yearbook Club

Trey Kuriger III, Writer

With the school year beginning to wrap up to a close, a certain book begins to make itself known to, not just our school, but schools all over the world. That’s right! The yearbook! However, there are many who aren’t aware of how each issue is produced.

For Tallwood High School, the yearbook club meets in the LMC, specifically room E144.

“Because it is an all year endeavor, we meet in E144 once a week until the book gets done. And then we have a distribution celebration, and distribute yearbooks.” states Meghan Berberich, one of the main teachers that help out with the yearbook here at Tallwood.

However, creating the yearbook is not always the easiest thing to do. Throughout the year, people will choose that they are no longer interested in the yearbook club. This then lowers the amount of people who take part in the club.

“We did have, at the beginning, an interest meeting, and then over time, people tend to go their separate ways. So, it then gets narrowed down to about four people” Berberich states.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun! In fact, after the issue is done at the end of the school year, they hold a distribution celebration among the members of the club!

The club is also organized. “when a club member walks into E144, they come in, and pull out their chromebooks. The editors come up to the front of the room, go over the agenda, take attendance, and then they log into this program that we are given by Joston. And then we give an overview of what are the items that we need to do today” explains Berberich.

Without a doubt, the yearbook club is the club that brings joy to both current students, but also alumni that look over yearbooks in their past.