Dress Codes Need to be More Lenient


Kendall Hobbs

From being sent home for inappropriate clothing to having to wear clothes the school provides, dress codes have affected schools across the country. Student dress codes continue to be too strict for students to focus on school. Dress codes need to be more lenient.

Not only does being dress coded affect students’ self confidence, it also affects their learning. Some students are being sent home for wearing inappropriate clothing. When this happens, students are missing instructional time, and they’re also missing valuable time for completing work. If the dress code of conduct wasn’t as strict, students would get an optimal amount of learning time. 

According to VBCPS Dress and Grooming Codes, “Student choices should respect VBCPS’ intent to sustain a community that is inclusive of a diverse range of identities, and must not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere.” This implies that students expressing themselves at school is considered intimidating. The statement insinuates that schools welcome diversity when students aren’t even allowed to express themselves. 

Dress codes also limit the amount of self expression students have. High school is a crucial part of finding your identity, and with the dress code being so strict, students feel closed off. Being told what to wear suppresses self expression.

VBCPS guidelines continue to make policies that promote unrealistic expectations, while also limiting diversity and self expression. The dress code will continue to make students feel uncomfortable and waste important instructional time. Dress codes need to be more lenient.