Tallwood Baseball and Softball Teams Wrap Up Successful Seasons


Shown left to right, Back row: Andrew Wynn, Kendra Allen, Ryan O’Meara, Matthew Myint, Andrew Rohmann, Justin Goldstine, Carl Pitt. Next row: Kitsy Rodriguez, Carmen Lagrange, Riley Curtice, Makenzie Downing, Ginia Galloway-Lewis. Next row: Skyla Trace, Maddie Ramsey, Avery Hudson, River Tonn. Bottom row: Adrianna Person, Cassie Smith, Kelsey Freeman.

Amanda Vallieres

As the Lions Softball and Baseball teams close off their season, they reflect on their memorable moments, losses, and wins, hoping to end with a big hooray. 

“At this point, we’re 9-8 but we are playing better now than we did in the beginning. So, I told the team it is not how you start it’s how you finish,” says Matthew Myint, Head Softball Coach. 

Even though Tallwood’s Baseball and Softball teams started this season with a rocky start, they ended with a successful season despite their hindrances. 

“I think this season went really well, we doubled our win total from last year, pitchers pitched absolutely phenomenal this year, we just needed a couple more hits and honestly we could’ve been top 4 in the season,” says William Todd Atkinson lll, Head Varsity Baseball Coach.

“I felt that this season was semi-successful. We improved from last year but still have much to improve on,” says Charlie Calevas, a senior Varsity Baseball member. 

“We are hoping to finish strong,” says Coach Myint.

With a successful season, the coaches and players said improvements could still be made going into next year. 

“The team needs to be more of a family and a team instead of individuals. So, going forward to next year I just want them to be more family-oriented. I want them to love one another not hit on one another,” says Coach Atkinson. 

“More could have been done to win easier games,” adds Calevas. 

With these improvements, the players and coaches believe next year will be an even better season. To add on, the coaches also reflect on which moments were the most memorable to them this season. 

“Senior night was very memorable because it was very emotional for the seniors, and it was a victory over Landstown, 2-0. All of our seniors had played a very intricate part in that victory,” says Coach Myint. “It was a special night.”

Coach Atkinson looks back on when Ashdon Proctor hit a home run in the last inning against the Kempsville Chiefs, leading to the Lions’ victory against the Chiefs.

As Tallwood’s Baseball and Softball seasons come to an end, both the players and coaches believe that this season was good and that everybody did a good job playing this year.