Boys’ Tennis Struggles at Season’s Start

Now that we are in the middle of the Tallwood Tennis season we can see what the rest of the season will look like for our Tallwood high school Tennis players. 

Tallwood Is having a pretty good tennis season so far after beating Bayside and having very good matches with Green Run. Even though some of our recent matches have been a little rocky our tennis players are persevering and striving for more wins.

“Even though we don’t have a lot of players this year I think we are all actually really good. We are all getting better so we will start winning more games” said Kasra Sanatkar.

This year the tennis team has about thirteen players consisting of six seniors, two juniors, and five sophomores. Kasra himself has won about two games and has played about seven games this season.

“I used to play tennis when I was younger and I’m happy that I got back into it. I hope more people try out for tennis next year especially because a lot of us are seniors and will be leaving soon,” said Kasra Sanatkar.

Kasra was very worried about the tennis team not having enough players next year but doesn’t exactly know how to give the tennis team more attention. The tennis team is getting a lot better, but without a good wave of new players, it will be hard for the team to improve overall.

Since the class of 2021 has graduated the numbers of the tennis team have dwindled, but because of our very skilled Coach Hunter, our players keep getting better. 

Our tennis players, especially our seniors, are hoping to win more games before this year ends to savor the memory. Tallwood is working to increase student participation as a whole and has great hopes that the tennis team will also grow.