Global Gala: The Grand Come Back


Jayden Crouch

Global Gala Tech, Backstage, and House Crew:

Sophia Dodge

On the cool spring night of May 5th, Tallwood students and families were gathered in the auditorium. The Global Gala X (GGX) is a performance made up of talents from all over the world and its purpose is to help raise money for the Global Studies and World Languages Academy (GSWLA) boosters.
For the first time since the Covid outbreak, Global Gala was back in person. So much work went into making the GGX, and for the first time ever it was almost completely student-run. Senior Issa Garcia and Junior Alex Santiguel had both Emceed and put so much effort into making the GGX possible.
“Me and Issa used to work on the virtual Galas with DeMott in my Freshman and Sophomore year. My sister would talk about how popular the gala was when she was in high school and it made me realize how cool of a show it would be if it was in person. That led to me and Issa planning the gala just for fun during a study block and then it led to us going to the boosters to get it approved, and now we’re here!” said Alex Santiaguel, Tallwood Junior and GGX Emcee.
GGX was able to raise $1,922 in ticket sales alone this year. With multiple different talents displayed, audience members were drawn into each performance. With every performance, there was so much work going into making it as perfect as possible.
“Patience is key, patience, communication, and trust that everything will just work out in the end… everybody who worked in it was obviously stressed but it came out well and audience members told us they enjoyed it,” said Jayden Crouch, a Tallwood Junior and the Technical Director for GGX.
There were so many different roles that played such a crucial part in helping the Gala run smoothly. Performance ushers had to be up and moving all through the performance; guiding performers from the auditorium to backstage and back. Backstage workers had to get performers in place, pull curtains, help set up some performances, etc. Booth workers had to work lights, mic volumes, music, and projections.
Without everyone working together and communicating, the Gala wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. We are hoping to have a Global Gala XI next year, and for it to be even better than before.