The “Bad Guys” made for a Good Movie


Free seats in movie theater photo, public domain leisure CC0 image.

Richard Johnson

Never judge a movie by its cover. Get strapped in, you’re about to go on a rollercoaster.

Where to start? The beautiful animation, the production, the actors, everything in this movie is outstanding. Even though this is considered a children’s movie, the plot and its twist are far above average while also including a great message to kids.

This movie won the Truly Moving Picture Award at the 2022 Heartland film festival. After the success of the book series they released the movie April 22, 2022 and had immediate success as being an eye catcher to the audience.

Bad Guys is a movie where five animals are criminals and heist different stores and items. But while the Bad Guys go for their biggest heist yet, they get caught. On the way to the cops car a Professor who won citizen of the year decides to give them another chance in life. Now they are training how to do good things in the world.

During training the wolf realizes that it feels good to do good things in the world after saving a cat stuck in a tree. Afterwards they go to a big charity party but someone crashes the party and everyone thinks the bad guys did it and they get put in jail. Then after getting out of jail they realize that the Professor was bad all along and try to save the world from a hamster disaster. After saving the world the Bad Guys show the world they can be good and the people trust them.

Even though this movie does not involve any big names like Dwayne Johnson, the stars, Sam Rockwell as the “Big Bad Wolf” and Marc Maron as “Mr. Snake,” do excellent jobs at voicing their characters. There are other voice actors like Awkwafina who is an actress in movies like Shang-Chi, Ocean’s 8 and more. All the voice actors play an equally spaced out role as there is a gang of five animals named the “Bad Guys”.

The production and animation of this movie make it better than it already is with every action scene being engaging and animated spectacularly. The message to kids that doing good things for people makes you yourself feel great along with a plot that can keep you guessing what’s going to happen next makes this an unforgettable movie

Overall this movie is great for all ages and still makes everyone laugh. If you have some free time, watch this movie and you will be surprised.