“The Last Dance”, the Widely Anticipated Sports Documentary



Stock photo of TV remote

Joshua Gapuz

On April 19, 2020, when everyone was quarantined because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this exciting sports documentary called The Last Dance premiered on ESPN.

This exciting basketball documentary showcased the story of the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls and their quest for their sixth ring. With captivating stories ranging from Scottie Pippen being severely underpaid on a Bulls dynasty to Dennis Rodman’s wild off-the-court actions, makes this documentary even more interesting. 

The producers for The Last Dance greatly showcased how compelling this documentary is because of the archived film and interviews. I still remember watching this documentary in 2020 and it was very captivating and amazing from the start. The grind, the drama, and the adversity that the Bulls faced in their quest for the franchise’s sixth ring was insane. 

This documentary is also filled with many stories that are worth listening to. For example, Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” showcased how Jordan was able to push through and win a crucial Game 5 against a dangerous Utah Jazz team in the 1997 NBA Finals. Some may say that this game helped solidify Jordan as the “GOAT.” 

Other great, enjoyable, and interesting stories also included the rivalry between the “Bad Boy” Pistons against the Bulls, a young Kobe Bryant going head to head with NBA stars, Michael Jordan’s upbringing, and the story of Jordan signing with Nike. 

Notable awards and nominations that The Last Dance earned included winning an Emmy for the 2020 Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series and being nominated for 2020 Outstanding Directing for a Documentary/nonfiction program.  

The Last Dance is by far my favorite sports documentary because of the untold stories, the interviews, and the archival footage. In my opinion, this is a 10/10 documentary.