The Freedom Felt on the Field: Tallwood’s sports players’ black history inspirations


The United States treasures its Black History icons for their accomplishments in paving the way for the next generations. Here at Tallwood students find inspiration from not only prominent sports stars but also pioneers in black history. Sometimes these same pioneers are also sports stars! There are many notable individuals who are relevant not only to Black History but who also found their way into the hearts of Tallwood athletes.

“My one and only Tiger Woods! He started at the age of 16 in the PGA. 16! Usually it’s around the age of 30 to 20 years old to get into PGA. This man started and won his first at the age of 18. ” said Jayhmin Powell, senior and Tallwood golf player. “Now he has 80 wins in his whole career. He only needs 3 more to beat the record. You already know he’s the most influential and best player in golf because without Tiger Woods golf wouldn’t be the same.” Jayhmin is right. Tiger Woods is the first person of color to win the masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

“Malcolm X. You know how like he changed like he wasn’t a good person before then he had his finding Christ and became an activist for the black.” said Tyanna Lamar, Tallwood junior and member of the color guard.  Malcolm X started off very rocky as a child; He dropped out of school in the 8th grade. Later when he lived in Chicago he got mixed up in drug dealing. While in jail for his drug related charges he began attending religious services and became Muslim. He also took his time incarcerated to educate himself and learn the entire dictionary. He came out of jail a new man and began making strides for the advancement of black people.

“Honestly Ben Carson. One summer when I was ten or so my mom made me read one of his books and his story impacted my life in a great way.” said Michael Gilbert, 10th grade soccer player. “In the book he got extremely angry at one time and almost hurt his friend. He locked himself in a bathroom and like prayed and cried and all that other stuff. And from then on his life changed.” Ben Carson was a phenomenal surgeon who successfully separate conjoined twins.

Accomplishments on and off the field are equally important to any athlete. Players here at Tallwood play with the courage and determination granted to them by the extraordinary achievements of African American heroes. Happy African American History Month!