Lion’s Tale 2018 Issue


These are the best of the entries that the Literary Magazine has received over the course of the 2017-2018 school year. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading these!

Cover art by Yetzali Pena.

October Contest: Describe your fear without naming it.

Laughing Terror by Mya Pemberton

Broken by Ashley Archila-Ventura (1st Place)

Emptiness by Teresa Pedroza

Submersed by Arie Naverette

Wildfire by Sotiria Bessinas

Darkness by Jaylee Barfield

November Contest: Write a story or poem that begins with the sentence, “He found the journal on the train.”

Ruby Falkov by Chris Purkiss

Shared Discovery by Tiana Corbin

Unspoken Feelings by Jayla Nicholson

A Pair of Train-Based Limericks by Mitchell Durant

A Strange Coincidence by Sotiria Bessinas

The Journal by Jamie Leaverton (1st Place)

An Unanswered Question by Zoe Fotopoulos

December Contest: Describe a winter scene.

Solitude by Nataniah Hutton

Desperate by Cegan Hinson (1st Place)

February Contest: Write a story or poem that ends with, “OW, MY LEG!”

Dale’s Tale by Emily Oritz

Freddy Snaps by Jacob Mills

Lion Lunch by Ashley Archila-Ventura

Fake Love by Lily Potter

Charley Horse by Jean-Vincent Garcia

Things Happen by Robert Tillman (1st Place)

March Contest: March BADNESS. Submit your worst story or poem.

Poetry in Motion by Noelani Stachurski (1st Place)

bad poem by Jason Vo

Valentine’s Day is my Least Favorite Day by Allison Lodge

sWeEt DrEaMs ArE mAdE oF mEmEs by Jeremy Riordan

tpyos by Briana Savage

Exposed by Cegan Hinson

I was obligated to write this by Cypress U.

March Badness by Zoe Madrazo

gl17ch3d by Chris Purkiss

random thoughts by Anna Garrett

April Contest: Hello. Write a story.

Titles Are Hard by Anna Garrett

East & West by Briana Savage

Remnants of Life by Cegan Hinson

The Tree by Collin Devlin (1st Place)

The Declaration of Independence by Emily Noel

Recital by Francis Sarabia

The Boy Who Over-Dramatically Lost His Dog by Jeremy Riordan

At the Gates of Valhalla by Myles Perry

Where Monsters Go by Rebecca Shelton

Sound of Music by Daniele Schirru

That Damn Ball by Tyler Tumminelli

The Prophet by Yetzali Peña

PINKY PROMISE by Zoe Madrazo

Everything Is Not What It Appears To Be Alexis Danielson

The Day It Happened by Allison Lodge

Love, Anonymous by Denny Eugenio

Strained by Hannah Sturtsman

The Sweatshirt by Gienalyn Sayat

Diary by Jaida Donnerstag