Lit X Winter Double Issue


Lit X is back online, and it’s got more poetry for your perusal.  Issue 5 combines work that came in from January and February to create the Winter Double Issue.  As always, one artist’s work is featured to offer an artistic flair to the literary magazine, and this month that artist is Ava Sailey.  Their literary work can be seen in most issues of Lit X, and  it is worth noting that Sailey has been featured in a prior issue of the Roaring Gazette.

This month’s recipients of that honor are Jaida Donnerstag and Kenzie Voigt.  Donnerstag’s poem “At Times When the Weight of the World” and Voigt’s poem “Fall Into Me” take top honors for this winter’s double issue.

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At Times When the Weight of the World

at times when the weight of the world becomes unbearable

my body mimics a punching bag, unable to find equilibrium

every punch pulls me closer to unconsciousness

and fear digs a grave that doubt forces me into

eventually, there comes a point where I no longer fight back, instead,

cope with the numbness, attempt to play dead;

either through the incapacity to struggle, or belief I would rather endure the torture than prolong
the battle

but managing does not win
and time outs do not occur in real life

and when do punching bags lead to body bags?

and how long until playing dead becomes dying?

life embodies a game, a gamble

and I should have known I can lose

a lack of draws, solely rivalry,

not playing, but merely surviving

losses result in pain,

and winning appears

Life at times exists as a game in which I no longer desire to play

In all attempts I stop abiding:
If my illness surrounds me
traps me
shackles me
like a cage,
a snare
does that make me an animal?

I sleep and I sleep and I sleep
until I grow tired or sleeping
because resting does not quench my body’s weariness
I think I just need a time out
Despite the lack of energy and present dissociation
Or that I long to no longer belong
this game continues on with or without me

but then I reminisce;
if life encompasses uncertainty
why forfeit now?

-Jaida Donnerstag, 2017
(ed. EDM, M. Denvir)


Fall Into Me

The blurred mass of colors in my peripherals did nothing
The brisk wind on my legs did nothing
The pounding in my ears, heart, and lungs did nothing
All of this did nothing to distract from the fact of the presence before me
All tanned skin and long, dark hair
All whirlwind wit and stoic stares
Everything I wasn’t
Everything I wanted
Everything I Couldn’t Have

She stood, dominating the desolate streets . . .
She stood, with one hand hanging, exclusively hers . . .
She stood, with the other engulfed by a lover who I could never be . . .

Kenzie Voigt