Hanging from the ceiling

Shackled and chained

Held captive by your captivation


No chance to strike back

Destined for each jab

No mouth

Nor face

Just hit to the core

Boxer slips on his gloves

As the naked bag dangles lifeless

Each punch numbs my leather canvas

Each blow bobbles and bruises my body






Time out


Retreat to your corner

Water valeted into your mouth,

But here I remain

Center stage

Sweating in the heat of summer

And cracking at december’s dawn


Held captive by your captivation


I am wearied of not wearying

Sleepless in my sleep

Untouched by touching

Silent by my mouthy silence

Held captive by your captivation


As the dawn breaks

And the twilight cracks,

And the stars offer hope to the hopeful

And i remain swaying

Blow by blow


Held captive by your captivation


Chain suspending





Me, to the ceiling

To the heavens

And all,

All that is beyond