2019-2020 Literary Magazine Accepting Submissions

E. De Mott

The editorial staff of Tallwood’s literary magazine Lit X would like to invite staff and students to submit original work to Tallwood’s curated creative hub: https://ths-litx.weebly.com.  This new website is designed to give Tallwood a creative outlet for artistic endeavors and will be run by a new staff of students who will work as copy editors and layout designers.  All written work and art will be considered.  The Lit X staff will work hand in hand with Tallwood’s newspaper, the Roaring Gazette.  The newspaper’s literary section is dedicated to work submitted through the website.

Written submissions may be in poetic or prose form, and include a title and the author’s first and last name.  Visual arts (well, a digitalized version of the art) must include a title, the artist’s first and last name, as well as an artist statement.  “Untitled” will be considered a viable name.  Unnamed pieces may be assigned titles by the staff.  Authors are to submit their name in the submission, but may opt to have the piece published as anonymous.

After reviewing pieces submitted to the website, the staff will decide on what to feature on the web-based magazine, as well as decide which pieces of the month will appear in Tallwood’s newspaper. Each month will have a theme, of sorts, but freestyling is always welcomed.  In fact, as the magazine gets on its literary feet, so to speak, the first month’s theme is freestyling.  New themes will be announced at a later date, but submission deadlines are already set at the last day of every month.  To submit their work, students and staff should go to: https://ths-litx.weebly.com/submissions or send an email to [email protected].  Any questions can be directed to Mr. Earl De Mott by stopping by room B143B or via email at  [email protected].