Lit X Magazine Launches First Issue


E. De Mott

Lit X, Tallwood’s student run, student submitted literary magazine has just launched its first issue.  A portion of the magazine’s content can be found below.   The literary magazine accepts original compositions that fall under prose and poetic categories, as well as digital versions of art work.

For written work, once submissions are received the editorial staff meets to decide what goes into the magazine.  All attending editors will read through the submissions and rank the top ten pieces.  If a piece did not make the top ten list, it receives a ranking of eleven.  All of the ranking scores are then added up and whichever ten pieces have the lowest overall scores are officially submitted into the magazine.

Of those ten published works, the top two ranked pieces have an additional honor of being Lit X’s official submission into the Roaring Gazette. September’s honorees include Tyler Taute and Victoria Carlson.  Both are part of Tallwood’s creative writing class, and have attempted multiple styles of poems for a classroom assignment. Taute’s Beauty in Death, is a haiku, and Carlson’s More at Eleven, is a Chant Poem.

On top of written work, each month will feature a particular artist, and multiple pieces by the same artist will be on display in the magazine.  Regarding artistic submissions, editors deliberate, then vote on who to feature for the month.  September’s represented artist is Tallwood art teacher Susan Schutte.

For the full issue, interested readers should go to:   There, they can find the entirety of content, as well as rules on how to contribute to the magazine’s future issues.

Beauty in Death

In the sunset’s light,
The rose, its silken petals,
Stem cut, fading red.

Ty Taute (Haiku)


More at Eleven
A rush of students walk into the school, another day has started.
Another shooting this week, more at 11
Teachers welcome the students as the enter their classrooms, still tired from the day before
Another shooting this week, more at 11
Students work as they wait for the bell to release them to lunch
Another shooting this week, more at 11
Buses leave the parking lot as students plan their weekend
Another shooting this week, more at 11
People walking through the park stop to feed the birds
Another shooting this week, more at 11
Everyone smiles as the graduates cross the stage
Another shooting this week, more at 11
We all smile as they shoot a photo of us together
Another shooting this week, more at 11
A mother sings a lullaby to her child, her doors were unlocked, they were safe
Another shooting this week, more at 11
I smile and wave to the moon as it rises, and waves to the sun as it sets, good night.
Another shooting this week, more at 11

Victoria Carlson (Chant poem)