The Roaring Gazette: Volume 4, Issue 5


Adrienne San Jose

Tallwood’s Ukulele Army practicing for the Global Gala.

Below are the stories featured in this issue of The Roaring Gazette.

Students see Lion Lunch as a time to socialize and seek academic help by Bethany Hansel

Pop on into Pop-Up classes! by Bethany Hansel

Tallwood Lacrosse: The beginning of an era by Malcolm Allen

Procrastination vs. Laziness: Are they the same thing? by Emma Cohen

Filipino Cafe educates and inspires by Adrienne San Jose

Is University life for you? by Arias Allday

Having a job will help you in the long run by Elena Dajero

Social media has a hidden influence on anorexia nervosa by Alexis Danielson

Are gamers the new athletes? by Ana Roney and Carmin Berberich

VBCPS could improve the lives of immigrant families by Mimi Trieu