Having a job now will help you in the long run


Elena Dajero, senior

Elena Dajero

At this point in time, you may be debating whether you want to work a job so you can earn money for personal expenses and to hopefully save for post-high school education. It can be difficult sometimes without a job when you may have the responsibility of keeping up with financial needs. Part-time jobs can help you while you are a student by gaining some experience in your career interest field, learning financial responsibility and time management to make your transition into adulthood easier.

   With this opportunity, you can find out the education, skill and time needed to pursue what you desire. Hopefully, the experience can help you if you are shy by allowing you to gather communication skills not only with coworkers and management but also with customers.  The experience is beneficial on a resume, highlighting the challenges you have taken and the willingness to put yourself out there.

When you begin to make their own money, you will notice the impact of taxes taken from each paycheck and how you’ll need to organize your money for necessities and wants. You will most likely choose to stay home rather than eating out and going shopping every weekend because you are spending your own money now. For any reason that you choose to have a job, whether it be to save money for college, helping your family or starting your retirement savings, it is important to be financially smart.

   A job requires time, energy and desire; therefore, creating a balanced schedule of allotted time for homework completion, sleep and school will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. It is no surprise that you may begin to prioritize your job over school because you enjoy the increase in your bank account every other week or if it is simply a necessity for your family.

Ask a teacher or peer for help to create a weekly schedule of when you will complete your homework to stay on top of your workload. If you begin with these habits, they will help you in college and throughout your life.  Having a job may take a lot of time away if you have never worked before; therefore, procrastination is not an option because you may have less time than you realized.

The benefits of working a part-time job are very beneficial for a high school student; however, with some limits, you have the opportunity to gain experience as if it is your actual career, learn how to manage money, be financially responsible and manage time in a way that allows for everything you desire. It may sound scary now, but this little step will have a big impact on your future.