Pop on into pop-up classes!


Adrienne San Jose

Students doing yoga in the yoga pop-up class

Bethany Hansel, Managing Editor

African-American history? Yoga? Movies? Music? Coloring? Poetry? Gardening? Tallwood has got it all! With the recent introduction of pop-up classes to Tallwood High School, students have new and abundant opportunities everyday during Lion Lunch.

To celebrate this new introduction to Tallwood, and just to see what these pop-up classes were all about, I took the liberty of attending several pop-up classes throughout the past couple of weeks.

Whether it was through yoga, discussing music, watching movies, or just walking around, the various pop-up classes that Tallwood has offered me and my peers has presented us with tons of new opportunities. Through these pop-up classes, I reconnected with old friends I hadn’t spoken to since freshmen year, met new people who shared similar interests to me, and hung out with current friends. I had the pleasure of seeing all different students join together to share some common interests, step out of their comfort zone to meet and interact with new people, and bond over fun and insightful discussions on various topics and just life in general.

Pop-up classes are for anyone and everyone with an interest, and some extra time on their hands during Lion Lunch! No more awkwardly standing around the halls or hiding in various nooks of the school, checking the clock every few minutes, wondering when the day will finally be over. No more being forced to sit against the wall of the dirty, crowded floors, chatting mindlessly about their days. Students now have the opportunity to pursue some of their fun, non-academic interests when they don’t have to be taking advantage of all the other opportunities Lion Lunch offers them.

Tallwood’s pop-up classes provide fun and interesting opportunities for every student within the school who hold all different kinds of interests. Students with some time on their hands during Lion Lunch each day should take advantage of these great new opportunities that Tallwood has offered its students.