Literary Magazine: Tallwood’s Story Book


Jelian Swan working on her photography section of the Literary Magazine.

Margaret Haggerty

The Literary Magazine, also known as the Lit Mag, is a club that students at Tallwood can join to write stories and poems, compose music scores, create sketches, paintings, and other art, and even media in foreign languages!  The Lit Mag comes out once a semester in an issue of the compiled and approved submissions.

The Roaring Gazette talked to Mrs. Mayo, who runs the Literary Magazine in room A102 on 2nd and 4th weeks on Friday, to learn more about it.  Mrs. Mayo told the Roaring Gazette a little bit about the Lit Mag club. “The Lit Mag is fiction based magazine that anyone can contribute. It can consist of photography, artwork, short stories, poetry, and scripts…” she said.  “Anyone can join at any point if they are interested in broadening their fiction work through online publication.”

Next the Roaring Gazette talked to one of the contributors for the Lit Mag, Jelian Swan, who contributes photography.  She contributes photos because “I’m interesting in trying it out because I like to take pictures of things,” she claimed.  “In this class and I looked at the board to see what activities I could join [and Literary Magazine was there]. It seems interesting and I’ve taken like a few pictures, and I have friends that are good at art so I told them about it.”  When the Roaring Gazette asked Jelian about what kinds of people should join Lit Mag, she said “…creative people… artistic people… [and] …people with a lot of imagination.”

Literary Magazine is an ideal club for creative students at Tallwood who want their fictional works to be published, and to meet other fictional artists and writers in the school.