Meet a Lion: Mrs. Yuzhbabenko

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Meet a Lion: Mrs. Yuzhbabenko

Chris Purkiss

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Mrs. Yuzhbabenko is a Russian teacher at Tallwood High School. She is the absolute sweetest person you’ll ever meet and will always treat you with respect and kindness.

When Mrs. Y was younger, she moved from Ukraine to America. “I was nervous and excited at the same time.” she said.

I was very curious to hear what it was like learning English as a second language. “It was hard at the beginning and very interesting later.”

Obviously, since Mrs. Y is a Russian teacher, something made her want this job. “The language! I love the language! I think Russian language is very beautiful, and I want my students to work further to bring two great countries together with more understanding and cooperation.”

Virginia Beach was not the first place Mrs. Y moved to when she came to America. “My family and I moved to Mobile, Al from Odessa, Ukraine. “

And regarding her favourite sandwich? “I don’t like and don’t eat sandwiches a lot but smoked salmon with a little bit of butter and fresh dill on very fresh bread is my favorite.”

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