“Jigsaw” a disappointing entry in the “Saw” series


Ashley Mallinson

“Jigsaw” was the most recent addition in the “Saw” movie franchise, and in all honesty, it was extremely disappointing. The main thing the “Saw” movies are known for is the amount of bloody, gory, and vulgar ways the victims are killed in each “game.” I feel the most recent movie completely dropped the ball, not only with this, but with the general plot as well.

In these movies, the plot is more of a background factor in comparison with the violent deaths that are shown. With an already admittedly weak story line, it almost seems like the writers either didn’t know where they wanted to go with this story, or they completely missed the target in executing their ideas properly.

The main story line of this movie follows the same structure as many of the movies before it, but with much more of a mystery, as all of the main antagonists (possible killers) were killed off in the earlier films. Basically, people who have done bad things in their life, such as stealing or murder, are kidnapped and trapped in life or death “games,” usually with other people involved. They must do something horribly painful, like cut into their eyeball to receive a key that will unlock a device meant to kill them, or they will die.

Some similar movies in regards to mainly relying on throwing gruesome scenarios in your face would be franchises like “Hostel” and “The Collection.” The plots never have much substance, but for those who like gore such as myself, it’s all (usually) worth it.

Overall, “Jigsaw” was a huge letdown in the “Saw” movie series. The plot was lazy and extremely disappointing, along with a big lack of the usual gore that attracts so many of the fans.

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