2018 Leadership Workshop coming soon!

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2018 Leadership Workshop coming soon!

Cassidy O'Neal

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On Friday, October 13th, Tallwood High School announced their 2018 Leadership Workshop staff.

Workshop Coordinators and Sponsors worked together to interview eligible students for Leadership Workshop staff. “Since all the applicants were well qualified and had above average resumes, the four of us had to go based upon how we felt during the interview and who really stuck with us,” said Symone Harmon, Senior Co-Coordinator at Tallwood High School.

The Sponsors and Coordinators picked nineteen hardworking Juniors and Seniors to be apart of the staff this year. “I’m excited to work with the staff this year. I think each person has something different to contribute, and so far, it seems as if everyone has great ideas and doing well working together,” said Mrs. Kristen Johnson, Sponsor of SCA, Co-Sponsor of Leadership Workshop, and a Science and Leadership Skills development teacher.

Mr. Andrew Rohmann, Math teacher and Co-Sponsor of Leadership Workshop discusses that this will be his first year being a Co-Sponsor for Leadership Workshop. He expresses how special this group of staff member will always be special to him, because it will be the first group he ever oversees. “I have connections with many of the students already, but also have already been amazed by some of those students that I never interacted with before,” said Mr. Rohmann.

Staff member share the same excitement as the coordinators and sponsors this year for Leadership Workshop. “I’m really excited to be a part of workshop again, it’s always a great experience. I want a new friendships and a better possible workshop than last year,” said Benjamin Sturkie, Senior SCA Historian, and 2nd-year staff member for Leadership Workshop at Tallwood High School.

While talking to Johnson about being a sponsor, she couldn’t find her favorite part about being one, it was too difficult to just pick one. “It is so tough because there are so many best parts. One of the best parts is watching students transform from students who are interested in leadership leave on Sunday as a student who expels excitement and passion for Tallwood, leadership, and other people,” said Mrs. Johnson.

“For 1st time delegate I want them to know that this is probably the best activity we run throughout the school that can be the ignition that starts their involvement. This experience opens the eyes for many students and gets them to know new people from every grade level,” said Rohmann.

Leadership Workshop is a weekend full of unforgettable memories and creating strong bonds. Leadership Workshop can be viewed as a weekend that opens the door up to a whole new world for the students that attend.

“I want students who are interested in applying to know that workshop is not only a great opportunity to meet new people, to learn the ins and outs of being a leader, but a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of yourself. Workshop is a about personal growth through the help of the students and teachers who love and support not only Tallwood, but the lives that make Tallwood best in the beach,” said Harmon.

Tallwood Leadership Workshop’s applications will be release in January of 2018. Leadership Workshop will be held from February 9th to February 11th of 2018

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