Lion Voices: What would you change about Tallwood?

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Lion Voices: What would you change about Tallwood?

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If you could change anything about Tallwood, what would you change?

Gabriella Erestain: If I could change anything about Tallwood, I would change how apathetic everyone has become. Teachers have lost their passion to feed students information. Students do not have that spark in their eye like they used to. Everyone sees school as a jail and takes advantage of free education. Not many students are getting involved in school. There are many clubs and sports that are in need of participation. Many students find it hard to balance grades and extracurricular activities. We feel the pressure of trying to get into the best colleges and getting scholarships that we lose sight of working to become the best students that are well rounded and hardworking. However, many students still do not realize that life truly begins once high school ends. College is not always a priority for some, and after Tallwood jobs are not always available. Working hard now will pay off in the future. If I could change anything, I would want students to stop making appearances and relationships idols in their lives, and focus on their futures. I want Tallwood to be a community.

Michaella Dipasupil: I would change the hours of the school store and have students volunteer for the store just like people can volunteer in the library. People can be the library assistants during one of their classes and I think that this should be the same for the school store.

Alexa Sparkman: Something I would change about Tallwood is a longer lunch break, about fifteen minutes longer so that the students in the back of the lunch line have more time to eat and so that they have a longer break during the school day. Also, more pep rallies to make the school more spirited because other schools have already had three pep rallies this year while Tallwood has only had one.

Victoria Edlan: I guess the lunches, I don’t like how the lunches only have three bells. Also, the classes would be better if the teachers checked up on the students to make sure that they’re learning and understand what they’re learning. I think the teachers should lower their expectations for us to do much smaller assignments. I think we should have a program that my middle school did called “Core Plus.” This was where at the end of the day, you go back to your classroom and have a mini study block each 30 minutes before the bell rang to dismiss students.

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