Meet a Lion Athlete: Grant Williams


Malcolm Allen, Sports Editor

Cross country track is a very rigorous, demanding sport. It requires runners to run very long distances on natural terrain such as dirt and grass, rather than regular indoor or outdoor track that requires runners to run shorter distances on a solid, concrete track. One of our very own Lions went to Richmond to represent our school in the Virginia State Cross Country Track meet this year. His name is Grant Williams. I got a chance to sit down with him, and get to know a little more about him.

Roaring Gazette: First off, what year are you in?

Grant Williams: Junior

RG: When did you start running cross country track?

GW: Eighth grade

RG: What middle school did you go to?

GW: Brandon.

RG: Was this year your first time going to the state track championships?

GW: No, I went last year as a sophomore.

RG: What did you place at states? 

GW: 33rd out of 103 runners

RG: How do you balance school with running cross country

GW: School and cross country go hand in hand. I would not be doing it if it was too stressful.

RG: Are you doing indoor or outdoor track as well this year?

GW: Yes. I’m doing outdoor.

RG: What’s your main event?
GW: 3200 

*3200 is the equivalent of 8 laps around the track

RG: Do you plan on running cross country in college?

GW: Yes.

RG: What are your goals for cross country?

GW: I want to break as many school records as possible before leaving. I also want to be a positive influence on the sport.