Volume 6: Issue 6


Sophia Dodge

The beginning of the Fruit Roll-Up challenge at the Tallwood 30-year Anniversary pep-rally.

Kendall Hobbs and Ricky Johnson


How to Manage the Stress of AP Testing Season by Amanda Vallieres

Valedictorian Distinction to Return to VBCPS Next Year by Jenna Hentrich


Tallwood Celebrates Past Principals During Legacy Week by Bella Bejarano

Hand in Hand, they Announce Together: Behind the Scenes of the Morning Announcements by Gyzelle Kay Bagsic

Garden Club Springs Back into Action by Kaden Ellison

Ask a Lion: Clubs at Tallwood by Lissette Tenesaca

What I Love About Tallwood by Jenna Hentrich

Arts and Entertainment 

John Wick is Another Exciting Addition to the Action Series by Trey Kuriger III


Tallwood Soccer Kicks off to a Great Start by Joshua Gapuz

Boys’ Tennis Struggles at Season’s Start by J Santiago Smith-Jordan


The Roaring Podcast: Spring Break Memories by Inaissa Sylla

Meet the Managing Editors of this Issue 

Ricky Johnson and Kendall Hobbs