Ask a Lion: Clubs at Tallwood

Lissette Tenesaca

Describe your club, what it does, and why people should join.


“Our club looks to accentuate the skateboarding scene at Tallwood, harbor new skateboarders, and bring more attention to the skill we have here at Tallwood and just give people a community to participate in. People should join our club to feel a sense of acceptance and progress especially if they’re not getting that with the other avenues in life at the moment, and the club just gives a personal touch to anyone who joins it and our support system has already benefited the people who have joined it so far.” – Nick Espinoza, Senior, Co-Coordinator of Tallwood Skate Club

“Our main goal is to bring together the skateboarding community at Tallwood and give them a place to skate and a sense of community to build around, and we can meet outside of school, skate with them, just communicate something we are all passionate about. Skateboarding has a very strong sense of community around it and even if you are not already skateboarding, it can offer you something you can become passionate about and a sense of community that is really strong.” – Curtis Price, Senior, Co-Coordinator of Tallwood Skate Club


“Arabic Honor Society is for people who have taken more than three semesters of Arabic and it is kind of what goes along with Arabic Culture Club, basically, we have meetings once a month, typically on a Thursday, and we kinda go with Arabic Culture Club, we talk about culture, we usually have food, and if you are a member at the end you pay dues and you get a cord for graduation. We do some language learning too and we also do some events like we do the club fair and all the things you have to stay after school for and promote the club. After you have been in Arabic for so long, I think it just makes sense to join only because then at least you are getting something for it, especially if you’re in the academy and it’s your four-year language and then if you’re already a member of Arabic Culture Club it just makes sense to get the cord for it.” – Callie Weks, Senior, President of Arabic Honor Society


“Basically, we provide a script every day for the morning announcements, basically anything you can think of with sports, clubs, events that are happening with the school, spirit weeks, all that sort of stuff, we come up with it and read it off at the beginning of every day unless it is a testing day. It’s a necessary part of the school like people need to know what’s going on, morning announcements is kinda faded in terms of getting news, it is more social media based now, but I still think it is a viable resource to get information. It is a good way to put yourself out there if you want to be better at public speaking, and honestly, I have created some pretty good friends and you see them every day for at least thirty minutes so it is pretty cool.” – Shaun Gervase, Senior, Morning Announcements Sports Anchor


“Read, basically Mrs.Lizan runs it and each meeting we either talk about the book we’re currently reading or we start deciding on the next book we want to read and then we vote on different genres and different books that are available for us to read. Honestly, it is a great way to meet other people who are also interested in different books and you get to learn about different genres.” – Sophia Dodge, Sophomore, [position]


“We think of fundraising ideas and events that we could do to help raise money or raise awareness for the actual Operation Smile headquarters. I think people should join because it is a very good organization, if you do not know what Operation Smile is, it helps with kids that have cleft lip and everything we do goes towards their surgeries so it helps more kids smile.” – Inaissa Sylla, Senior, Co-President of Operation Smile