The Roaring Gazette: Volume 6, Issue 5


Jessica Windish

Tallwood junior Aria Benzant-Feldra participates in the Model NATO conference.


Tallwood Teachers and Staff Celebrate March Madness with Competitions and Fun by Joshua Gapuz

New School Budget: Teacher Salaries Increase by Kaden Ellison

Senior Action Season: GSWLA Students Show Off Their Research by J Santiago Smith-Jordan

In Remembrance of Nurse Ha Nguyen by Maleah Hill


The Risks of Juggling School and Work  by Danielle Crabtree and Caelin Flora

Are Teachers Being Taken for Granted? by Sophia Chen and Seth Whipple

Home Schooling: A Look at the Effects of this Increasingly Popular Practice by Ashlynn Clayton

Some Schools and Institutions Provide Menstrual Products for Free by Amanda Cardenas

No Sleep Till April: Why March is the Toughest Stretch by Amanda Vallieres

Is Secondary School Just Secondary to What’s Important? High School Preparation for Adulthood by Nicholas Espinoza

New Addition to The Lion’s Den: Meet Taeko Murakoshi by Inaissa Sylla

The Hampton Roads World Culture Festival: a Grand Showcase of 757 Diversity by Gyzelle Kay Bagsic


Not Everyone Should Have a Dog by Isabella Bejarano

The Right-to-Repair: Why You Should Care by Travis Reilly

Arts and Entertainment 

Meredith’s Farewell to Seattle? Maybe It’s Time Viewers say ‘Farewell’ to “Grey’s Anatomy” After this Midseason Premiere by Jenna Hentrich


Lions Baseball Looking Forward to a Successful Season by Ricky Johnson

Khari Barns: The Fastest Lion by Rowan Countryman


The Roaring Podcast: Women’s Appreciation by Lissette Tenesaca

Meet the Managing Editors of this Issue

Trey Kuriger III and Sophia Dodge