Meet the Managing Editors: Sophia and Trey


Trey Kuriger III and Sophia Dodge

Trey Kuriger III

Hello everybody! I’m Trey Kuriger III, a sophomore at Tallwood High School, and I just so happen to be one of the managing editors for the March Issue of the Roaring Gazette. Throughout the course of this long Hell Month known as March, I have been very grateful to experience this job where I can help other students in the Journalism Course develop their own articles on interesting topics surrounding the events within our school.

Sophia Dodge

Hello fellow students, I, Sophia Dodge, was picked to be one of the managing editors for March’s Issue of the Roaring Gazette Newspaper. I am a sophomore at Tallwood High School. Our writers have been doing amazing work throughout the year, and I believe that they did especially well in this issue! My favorite Issue has to be the one commemorating our sadly passed nurse, Ha Nguyen, and the article was written by Maleah Hill.