New Addition to The Lion’s Den: Meet Taeko Murakoshi


Taeko Murakoshi

Current students of Mrs. Murakoshi Japanese Class.

Inaissa Sylla

In need of a Japanese teacher in this critical shortage, Taeko Murakoshi came to save the day. Mrs. Murakoshi was a retired Japanese teacher that had been teaching for over 21 years. Although she retired right before covid, she decided to accept the offer to come teach at Tallwood. 

“I studied the Japanese program in Virginia Beach back in 2000 and I wanted to see the program spread around the city and so this is exciting and I wanted to help any way I could,” said Mrs. Taeko Murakoshi.

Mrs. Murakoshi was offered to teach temporarily at Tallwood until they find a permanent teacher.  Because she taught at Tallwood back in 2002, she was very comfortable with taking the temporary position. With her passions and motivation in mind, she was certain of taking the offer. 

“I was motivated to share my culture and share my side of far east countries like Asian countries and back when I started teaching it was a very unknown field for general American people so I wanted to share and expose the Asian culture,”  said Mrs. Taeko Murakoshi.

Although she has only been at Tallwood for only 2 months she has made many connections with her students. She allows her students to embrace Japanese culture through her teaching style and more. 

“She’s short and reminds me of my grandma, she’s very sweet, kind-hearted, and also patient, ” said current Japanese student, Lily Ganti. 

With it all depending on when they find the permanent Japanese teacher, there is not a certain amount of time of how long Mrs. Murakoshi will be a Tallwood. Meanwhile, she is doing a very good job maintaining a great benefit to the students and Tallwood. 

With this in mind, it makes her students unhappy that they might not able to continue their year with her. “it makes me feel sad because she’s such a good teacher,”  said Lilly Ganti, a current Japanese student 

A new lion to the den always makes the pack more dynamic. With this amazing new addition to our den, we are creating more new connections and cultural experiences. It is awesome and appreciating of what Taeko Murakoshi is doing for Tallwood, so stop by and give her a warm welcome.