Meet a Lion – Ms. Pearce


Jenna Hentrich

Ms. Pearce teaches her enthusiastic 4B Prob Stat/Trig class.

Javon Taylor

Ms. Pearce is a math teacher here at Tallwood High School. She has been working here for 23 years now. She loves the environment at Tallwood and is very happy to be teaching in this school building. 

“I really liked math, and I didn’t know what to do with it so I took some teaching classes in college just as an option and I loved it. Also, my dad was a teacher, my grandmother was a teacher, and my aunt was a teacher,” said Ms. Pearce in response to why she started teaching.

She attended the University of Mary Washington for her Bachelor’s Degree and then for her Masters she attended the University of Virginia.

ROARING GAZETTE: “Why choose Tallwood?”

PEARCE: “To be honest they were the first to offer me a job, but I stayed for twenty-three years because it does feel like family here.”

ROARING GAZETTE: “If not teaching, what other career would you pursue?”

PEARCE: “I would love to be a librarian if I wasn’t a teacher. I love to read.”

Many students and other staff members love Ms. Pearce. She is very dedicated to her job and has a passion for teaching. 

“I love the kids and I love all the teachers in the math department,” said Ms. Pearce when asked how she likes Tallwood.

Ms. Pearce is an outstanding teacher in our math department here at Tallwood High School. We hope to have her here for many more years to come.