Spring Cleaning for your mind

Ashley Archila-Ventura

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1: Hydrate Yourself- Keep a water bottle on you at all times. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a myth, drink when you’re thirsty and do it often throughout the day.

2: Disable Social Media Notifications- This has been a very helpful tip for me. It declutters what shows up on my phone and eliminates not important details.

3: Tea- Drinking caffeine free tea helps wind you down at the end of a day with a natural remedy. I highly recommend Sleepytime Celestial Seasonings caffeine free Sleepytime Extra.

4: Healing Crystals- I might sound like a hippie here for a second but many people including myself swear by various healing crystals for aid. I have used rose quartz for emitting vibrations of love- self and romantic. Celestite relieves stress; this crystal is said to bring tranquility and relieve muscles.

5: Live in the now- I often find myself drowning in school work, after school activities, and real life events. To calm my anxiety, I remind myself to take one thing at a time and makes lists of things I have to do in chronological order.


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