The Roaring Gazette: Volume 3, Issue 7


In light of May being Mental Health Awareness month, The Roaring Gazette staff decided to dedicate the May issue to mental health. The topic of mental health remains a vitally important one, yet one that continues to be stigmatized and often shoved aside. In order to help promote discussion about mental health, The Roaring Gazette staff has focused their articles on a variety of different aspects related to this topic. We hope that these articles will shed some light on the issue and continue the conversation. -Bethany Hansel, Managing Editor

Are schools equipped to tackle student mental health? by Bethany Hansel

Why I changed the bathrooms at Tallwood by Anastazy Maletz

Students are the number one priority for School Counselors by Bethany Hansel

Senior project addresses mental health in media by Frances Summers

Dr. Spence seeks to improve school safety by Bethany Hansel

I don’t like the way my legs look by Noelani Stachurski

Spring Cleaning for your mind by Ashley Archila-Ventura

Music and Mental Health: Hip-Hop’s controversial relationship with depression by Mitchell Durant