Senior Action Season: GSWLA Students Show Off Their Research


Jenna Hentrich presenting her senior action.

The end of March is getting closer and the deadline for senior projects is coming up. At Tallwood highschool several seniors are now carrying out their Senor Projects, which is a graduation requirement for academy students. Many projects consisted of cultural cafes, teaching classes, entertainment shows, and many more different ways that students have chosen to carry out their actions. Let’s take a look at some of our completed and upcoming senior projects for the Class of 2023!


Salima: HBCU Panel

Action Date: February 28th


Salima Juarez’s Senior project is focused around the impacts of historically black colleges on African Americans. In her paper, she goes into depth on the positive impacts of HBCUs on African Americans and how African American students should look more into HBCUs. For her Senior Project, she held a Panel with Tallwoods Faculty that attended HBCUs. The panelists were positive and very informative when it came to an HBCU’s environment for African Americans. 


Several students were so interested and interactive during the event that many students approached Salima afterward about how their interest in HBCUs grew significantly. “My project went really well. I got a good turnout of students and lots of people participated in the discussion,” said Juarez.


Jenna: Exploring Educational disparities

Action Date: March 16th

Jenna Hentrich’s Senior Project will consist of a presentation and a virtual panel with teachers that have worked with weaker education systems in other countries. The point of Jenna’s senior project is to make differences and disparities in other countries more visible, which can help persuade people into donating to her fundraiser. The fundraiser will send school supplies to students in Zambia so that they can have better education. “Getting first-hand experiences from teachers is interesting to me and I am interested to see how their experiences differ from outside observations,” said Hentrich.


Mary: Education Simulation

Action Date: March 1st

Mary Dellyn Dacuba created an education simulation for students at Tallwood high school. Students were given a budget of students in the Philippines and had to try to get through a day of school. Many students struggled because, with the budget they were given, they could not afford transportation and other necessities like most students can in the United States. The purpose of this project was to understand educational differences between the United States and other countries like the Philippines. “After finishing the simulation, I asked the crowd if they understood the differences between our education and other countries like the Philippines and a lot of them learned about the differences,” said Dellyn


Gyzelle: Media Representation Watch Party

Action Date: TBD

Gyzelle Kay Bagsic is planning on making an interview documentary on minority media representation. She is trying to gather people who are knowledgeable on the topic to have interviews and make a documentary to present. During a TFCC meeting, she plans on having a watch party as the final step of her project. “I’m excited to conduct these interviews and even though putting together this documentary is going to be hard I know I can get it done,” said Bagsic.


Amanda Cardenas: Craft Fair

Action Date: April 22nd

To raise awareness for special needs students Amanda Luz Cardenas Is holding a fun run at Tallwood High School for her Senior Project. She plans to open it to the community so that she can also advertise a fundraiser that she wants to open up for local special needs students. “I feel excited, I think it will go well, but I’m still waiting to get something approved,” said Cardenas.



Action Date: April 21st

Stepping out of my role as a reporter I will talk about my project. My senior project consists of many parts, but my main event is a fashion show that will promote the representation of minorities in fashion. I am planning on having their fashion show during heritage week at Tallwood High School. Another big part of my action is the creation of my brand named JAIA. The idea around my whole project is that anyone can be fashionable no matter who you are or where you come from. I’m honestly really excited to get things started and to use this as an opportunity to affect my community.