The Bogus Book Ban: Why books should not be banned in schools


Inaissa Sylla

LIssette Tenesaca

Lissette Tenesaca

Think of the best book available anywhere. Does it have violence, offensive language, same-sex lovers, instances of ‘intense’ romance, or mention a controversial topic like politics, war, or religion? If anything listed is present, some people want to or have already banned it from schools. Schools should not have the authority to ban books.

Institutions fail to notice that access to all books encourages learners to form their own opinions and identities, promotes imagination, and exposes students to diverse ideas. These benefits encourage learning and understanding in youth as they face a continuously changing world.

According to American Progress, banning books politicizes education, omits history, and limits inclusive teaching. The ban leads youth away from the truth of past, present, and future problems causing unawareness within a whole generation.

Readers need to experience all the information regardless of how brutal it may be and have the opportunity to learn as they grow. Though it seems obvious, not many realize that as ages are separated, there will not be kids in elementary school reading such hard-hitting books as those in college, whether in classes or on their own time. Keeping books shows they are available, not forcing people to read them.

Some believe banning books is necessary to shield children from sensitive ideas or topics, but this only promotes ignorance and selective learning. Many groups, especially adults, do not acknowledge how banning books does not prevent children from encountering the topics censored.  Nowadays, social media gives easy access to these topics with platforms like Tiktok, Reddit, and Instagram, rendering attempts at censorship ineffective.

Public institutions fail to recognize their acts of censorship and hypocrisy by establishing the book ban. They portray the idea of being able to deem anything wrong for students without any regard for their thoughts just because they do not coincide with certain ideals.