Elden Ring: The Outstanding Addition to the Souls Legacy


Trey Kuriger III

Though Elden Ring has been here for quite some time now, Fromsoftware has not failed to keep their players coming back for more rage filled fun.

Just like their other well known creations like Dark Souls, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Bloodbourne, Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG (role-playing game) designed to have not just a phenomenal storyline, but also enticing gameplay.

However, unlike the other games in its group, Elden Ring is entirely open world. An open world video game allows its players to travel anywhere they want within the game’s map. This is a neat change of pace from all of the games named earlier because they rely on the player striking down bosses in order to proceed in the main story and linear map.

This left some past players confused as to how the production team was going to keep the charm of a boss based video game in Elden Ring while making it an open world game; however, Fromsoftware proved that they could accomplish this, and even make the game better in the process.

Elden Ring takes place in the limbo between life and death, in a mystical place known as The Lands Between. In this magical place, there exist dragons, gods, demi-gods, and almost anything a fantasy nerd can think of. The player plays as a type of race called the Tarnished, the previous inhabitants of the Lands Between when the previous Elden Lord, Queen Marika, ruled over the Lands Between. The main goal for the player is that they need to seek out and slay the demi-gods that are holding the shattered pieces of the Elden Ring and bring the pieces together to become the next Elden Lord, a god who rules over the Lands Between.

With a staggering 238 bosses, twelve of which being mandatory bosses to further progress the main story, six different endings, and many character builds to choose from, Elden Ring has not only met, but excelled far past players’ expectations to the point where most were left in amazement.

Throughout the game, players are given the choice to pick and choose what optional bosses they want to fight, with some bosses only being able to be beaten through different endings. This means that if the player would want to one hundred percent the game, then they would have to play through the game multiple times in order for them to be able to square off against every boss in the game. To one hundred percent a game, the player would have to obtain every achievement in the game.

Another cool feature added into the game is that the player can alter their character’s status to fit how they want to go about beating the game. Whether it be making your character a spell casting maniac, a freakishly strong berserker, a speedy sword slinger, or even a mix of all of them, Elden Ring has a playstyle that can fit any player who decides to pick up the game.

Elden Ring is also a game where the choices you make can affect the outcome of the story and whether or not you can claim certain rewards. For example, if the player attacks the NPC (non-playable character) Lunar Princess Ranni, the player will no longer be able to pursue one of the best, as well as one of the most interesting, endings in the game called “The Age of The Stars” ending.

Not only is the story and gameplay great beyond belief, Elden Ring will also leave music lovers and graphic designers fawning over the game’s soundtrack and character/environmental designs. With the soundtrack being composed by Tsukasa Saito, who also composed music for all other major Fromsoftware games, and the music was performed by the Budapest Film Orchestra. The graphics team for the game were led by creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The soundtrack for this game is perfect because it matches the ups and downs, as well as the tempo, of the game; whether it be you fighting the final boss in the game, or something as simple as wandering around the ruined battle sight of Altus Plateau. The soundtrack sticks with the vibe that the game gives off in so many different ways, making it a phenomenal video game soundtrack compared to other games in the genre.

Meanwhile, the graphics on both the characters, as well as the environment, have blown away players with the majestic skies and distant horizons dawning over the oceans. The character graphics have not let down and deserve some major credit as well, from the characters’ heads down to their feet, each minute detail was given precise care and effort. The graphics go to show just how much effort was put into the production of this masterpiece.

Elden Ring most definitely deserves all the praise still being showered on it because the game has not ceased to let down, or lead players to become uninterested. This game has become a masterpiece that will most surely go down in the gaming history books as a major game that helped push the video game industry into the future.