First annual ‘I Love Tallwood’ week comes to THS


Margaret Haggerty

Tallwood will be celebrating its first ever ‘I love Tallwood’ week February 10th through 14th, a brand new spirit week that includes a pep rally, showcases student talent, and much more!

The Roaring Gazette talked to Dr. Avila about this new event.  He says, “the overarching goal [of the week] is to lift school spirit”.  Monday is ‘Lion’s Mane Monday’, a day to “show off your love for our lion with Crazy Hair Day,” Avila says.  Tuesday is ‘Talented Tuesday’, where you can “dress as your favorite celebrity and show appreciation to celebrities at Tallwood who are often out of the spotlight; custodians, cafeteria staff, office assistantes, security assistants, and bus drivers”.  Also on Talented Tuesday, the first 100 students who sign up can attend a showcase by their peers in band and other subjects. On Wednesday, we will have a pep rally and ‘Team Tallwood Day’, an opportunity to deck out in Tallwood apparel. Thursday is ‘I Love Tallwood Teachers’ day, where “student’s will be showing their appreciation for teachers by sending Valentines” says Dr. Avila.  Finally, Friday is Valentine’s day- show your love and wear pink.