US Sanctions in Iran Have Worked


Kyran Mitchell

Recent protests in Iran demonstrate the effect that sanctions of the United States can have on countries across the world. American sanctions in Iran have caused economic instability in the country. Due to the lack of economic growth stemming from U.S. sanctions, Iran has raised its oil prices between 100 and 300 percent across the country. Because of this recent fuel prices, protesters have taken to the streets, protesting against the government. Protesters began chanting about throwing out the dictator because of the slow economy. Since the protests about rising fuel prices, people have begun to protest about more issues plaguing the country, including the governments mismanagement of money and their frustration with the poor economy. There have now been protests all across the country, especially near government owned banks. In response, the government has shut down the internet, stopping protesters from using social media in order to broadcast their struggles to the world. This unrest demonstrates the effect that economic sanctions have on Iran, and how they are effectively putting pressure on the government of Iran.

The United States has put these sanctions on Iran in response to their hostility towards Israel and due to their nuclear program, which is becoming an increasing threat to the stability of the Middle East. Sanctions on Iran’s oil have limited the amount of potential buyers, which has in turn affected the economy of Iran, which relies heavily on the sale of oil abroad. While the Trump administration has come under fire for its inability to act on issues domestically and abroad, these sanctions seem to be having the intended effect on the country. The protesters are putting pressure on the government to change, and the only way to get rid of these sanctions is to comply with the demands of the U.S. government. This has demonstrated the power of the United States and how U.S. sanctions can influence countries in order to gain their desired effect. The government of Iran is beginning to be weary of these protesters. They are fearful that the protesters are going to inspire more hostility against the government, as this is the most instability the regime has faced in many years.

However, many in the U.S. and across the globe have criticized the sanctions against Iran as being too harsh. Over 100 people have died in the protests, and some have claimed this is the direct result of U.S. actions in the Region. While U.S. sanctions are the reason for the protests, the sanctions are having their intended effect. They are placing pressure on the government of Iran to comply with U.S. demands regarding their relations with Israel and their nuclear program. Much of the criticism directed at the Trump admisinstion is valid, but their economic sanctions appear to be effective in forcing Iran to come to the bargaining table with the United States in order to eliminate the sanctions destroying their economy.


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