The Roaring Gazette: Volume 3, Issue 5

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The Roaring Gazette: Volume 3, Issue 5

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Below are the stories included in Volume 3, Issue 5 of The Roaring Gazette:

Dr. Spence proposes new ways of thinking about class rank by Aniyah Lewis

How the Virginia Sex-Ed curriculum hurts students by Bethany Hansel

Lion’s Voices: Valentine’s Day by Ashley Archila-Ventura

Tallwood’s Model U.N. club promotes cooperation, global thinking by Frances Summers

Feminism must be inclusive, intersectional by Ashley Archila-Ventura

How to cope with school stress in healthy ways by Noelani Stachurski

Justice League? More like Justice Fatigue. by Ashley Malinson

Blackbear’s latest album shows he keeps getting better by Chris Purkiss

Photo by Frances Summers: Students in the atrium enjoy Lion Lunch, a lunch schedule in which students have the time and freedom to socialize and participate in extra-circulars during an hour-long lunch block.

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