Lion’s Voices: Valentine’s Day


Ashley Archila-Ventura

As couples across America prepare for this capitalistic holiday that occurs on February 14th, I was interested in what my Tallwood peers were doing for it. So I took my inquiries to the halls of Tallwood for what their Valentine’s Day plans are with their romantic and platonic relationships.

Here’s what Tyanna Lamar from the 10th grade had to say: “So my plans for Valentine’s Day, I’m supposed to go on a date with my mom and my brother to some restaurant, I’m not sure. That’s basically about it.”

10th grade Alyssa Callanta’s plans are: “Okay so for Valentine’s Day, I’m not really doing anything. So this boy plans on taking me out but I don’t know how I feel about that. So I only like him as a friend, but you know, I already told him I don’t want to do anything further than a friendship. So if he plans on getting me something for Valentine’s Day then great! I will appreciate it.”

English teacher Mr. Denvir is following a age old tradition: “My wife and I started a Valentine’s Day tradition when we were in college, when we didn’t have much money, as college students. That we would just get sub sandwiches every Valentine’s Day. So we keep that tradition going.”

11th grader Bethany Hansel: “Valentine’s Day is a corporate sham.”

Ophelia Reid, 11th grade has got some cute plans with a close friend: “Me and my friend was planning to just give each other gifts, since we are both without a partner at the moment. But yeah, yeah, that’s about it.

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