No Sleep Till April: Why March is the Toughest Stretch

Amanda Vallieres

Out of all of the 31 days of March, none of these days have a break. Due to this, March is a month filled with stress, since it gives no time off from school or work. Some call this month March Madness, while others call it “Hell Month.”

All students face the harsh effects of this month. From getting senior projects completed to trying to submit schoolwork on time, students can agree that this month has been severely stressful. 

“Especially with spring sports starting, and having to do my senior project, just getting all these different projects done before spring break, it’s definitely increased my stress levels,” said Anaya Arther, a Tallwood GSWLA senior. 

In addition to having no breaks this month, third-quarter grades are also due soon. This gives additional stress to both students and teachers this month. 

“Since we’re getting into the third quarter, I feel like teachers are really pumping out the work, and it’s not slowing down,” said Arthur. 

Even teachers and counselors are feeling the effects of this month seep in. 

“It’s kind of difficult and tough for everyone; you’re going almost thirty days straight,” said William Calhoun, a guidance counselor. “You’re looking for a period where sometimes you have to take a break.”

“It’s a long month, no breaks, no recharging,” says Pedro Cujardo Jr., a math teacher. “You feel a little tired because there’s no break at all.”

On the bright side, spring break is just around the corner, and Tallwood students and staff cannot wait to get this long break of relaxation. 

“You just have to rejuvenate and recharge and get ready for that final leg for graduation and promotion for a lot of students,” said Mr. Calhoun.

School is already stressful as it is, but this month makes it more stressful. Staff and students can all agree that this long month is tiring since the only breaks are in the form of weekends. 

However, there are methods that can be used to manage increased stress levels. Time management and work balance are concepts designed to fight against stress overload during this month.

“You have to manage your time, balance the workload to try to get it done,” says Calhoun. “As human beings, you need a middle break and sometimes physical breaks, so you have to plan that out to move forward.”