“Elf” the Hilarious and Nostalgic Holiday Film



Free seats in movie theater photo, public domain leisure CC0 image.

Joshua Gapuz

“Son of a nutcracker!” One of the most famous lines from the family holiday movie Elf. Elf contains many comedic and memorable scenes throughout the film. This film was a box office success and earned $220.4 million worldwide. This movie is excellent because it caters to an audience of all ages. Families can enjoy this movie and laugh all throughout the movie. 

Jon Favreau, director of this film, formed together a group of actors that ultimately had great chemistry with each other. Some of these actors include Will Ferrell, James Caan, and Zooey Deschanel. After this film, Favreau went on to have a great and lucrative career.  

This film follows the journey of Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell. Who is traveling to New York in his elf suit in order to search for his real father, Walter Hobbs, played by the late James Caan. Hobbs reluctantly decided to attempt a relationship between the “father and son.”  

With a bunch of comedic scenes throughout the film, it makes Elf more memorable compared to other holiday films. The scene when Buddy crosses the street and gets hit by a car, says a lot about this film. This film is filled with funny scenes compared to other Christmas movies. Audiences would love to gravitate toward these types of films. They will also laugh and have fun watching as well. The film seemed ahead of its time. Many Christmas movies in the modern era today have many comedic scenes. This is what still makes Elf a relevant movie today. 

The writing for this movie was also brilliant. With signature lines that are now printed on t-shirts, Elf has maintained a big audience. This is impressive because the film was released almost 20 years ago. Lines like “I like my smiling, smiling’s my favorite” and “Santa OMG” brings nostalgia to viewers. Not too many Christmas films are like this. 

This holiday film won the Golden Trailer Awards (2004) and ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards (2004) as well. This shows that this is a well-respected film that families and viewers will enjoy watching.  

Overall this film is very special. It brings joy and smiles to everyone’s faces. Viewers can also enjoy this movie year-round. From memorable scenes to famous lines, Elf has sustained a great audience for almost 20 years.