Does finding yourself take time?


Diamond Phillips

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and described who you are? Is it positive comments about yourself or is it negative? Ever wondered how you feel deep inside? Ever think about your future? What about your past?

Those are some questions that you can answer by yourself. At the same time, can you really answer those questions yourself? Do you have a hard time in answering them to the point where you stop talking and actually think about what to say?

For starters: how do you describe yourself? Do you describe yourself in a positive way or a negative way? How often do you express yourself? 

If you can’t answer those questions, that means you haven’t found your true self yet. It’s not a good thing, but it’s not actually a bad thing either. It takes time for a person to find out what they really are. It could take years for them to find out who they are. The only problem is that you don’t have unlimited time for yourself to find what you really are. Some don’t even live to find out what they are. 

How can a person describe themselves? Would it be based on their personality? How about their skills? Perhaps, it could be about their looks?

It’s quite hard to find or even describe yourself. You need to know yourself about what you do in your life and the actions that you take in order to find yourself. Most of the time, people can’t see the point in finding themselves. To the point where they stress out over the fact that they can’t find something that they’re passionate about. Something that makes them unique in their own way. 

Whenever people ask others to describe themselves, some don’t take it seriously. Some don’t have an answer to the question, or some just plain out avoid it. Finding yourself and describing yourself isn’t a bad thing. It takes time for you to stand out and say out you’re unique; different from others around you.