Tallwood’s African-Caribbean Culture Club


The council members of African-Caribbean Culture Club hosting a meeting.

Tallwood High school has many clubs on many different things, like art or music or a specific language or culture. There is one in particular that is semi-new and has big plans to get the student body together, learning, having fun, and finding out things about themselves they may have never of known. This is the African and Caribbean club, based around both African and Caribbean culture.

This is new with both the addition of African culture and also the new council members running the club.

Brianna Goodall, a council member stated,  “some family members had started the Caribbean cafe and they had graduated last year so they had passed down the Caribbean part to me, Ayana, Daija, and Ashley and then for the African part Nevaeh had decided to join it. Nevaeh and Daija decided to join the African part with the Caribbean part… They have a lot of common factors between both countries… this is also for our (Nevaeh) senior project.”

This is basically how the club came together initially, but one of the council members went on to explain further reasons they wanted this club to be at Tallwood.

Ayana Ferdinand, a council member, said, “I understand that majority of the school is like a mainly like Filipino-Asian I think and like there’s still a lot of African American and Caribbean descent so we wanted to give those people a place where they can talk about their culture and a place where they can learn about our culture and … just kinda give them a safe place, you know…”

Mrs.Alban, the African and Caribbean club sponsor and a Spanish teacher, said “In other words the club was created to bring awareness to the entire school.”

The African and Caribbean club is always looking for new people to join and go to the events they have panned. They are active in the school community and always striving to plan an event. It is also great way to get community service hours and have fun while doing so.

Nevaeh, a council member, said “you should be expecting informational meetings as like we have been doing and special events like after school and during club meetings and also learn about African Caribbean culture and experience it all together.”

Mrs. Alban said, “And to clarify also all of the misconceptions that we have in the community, cause the African Caribbean club is very involved and we are out there providing volunteer work/services.”

The club has goals and hopes for what they may be able to provide for the student body with this club.

Ayana Ferdinand said, “In today’s society a lot of the things you hear, like coming off social media, there’s a lot of kids in the school that don’t know much about the African Caribbean culture. They’re hearing different things so we want to be able to educate not only ourselves but other students about these cultures so that they’re able to educate other people and it moves on and passes on … We want to be in depth about the African Caribbean Culture Club.”

Nevaeh said, “Yes like send a better understanding and like no misconceptions about the African  and Caribbean culture.”

Mrs. Alban said, “And as the educator or the sponsor of the group I think that the main objective of this team of the club is to bring unity among themselves. I see they’re very active  in involved not only the Afro-Caribbean people but also everyone in the building so unity within the entire us as a population is very important to them.”

The African and Caribbean club is meant to be a safe, fun, and educational place for anyone to come to.