Managing Editors: Maleah & Javon

Maleah Hill and Javon Taylor

Maleah Hill

Hi everyone! I’m Maleah Hill, a junior at Tallwood and one of the managing editors for the May issue. While I am typically very shy and socially awkward, it’s actually been enjoyable to take on a leadership role. Being the managing editor was a great way for me to bond with my classmates and get out of my shell little by little. Our writers have put so much effort into this month’s issue, and I am beyond proud of the fantastic articles written by them. Especially with Sophia Dodge’s article about Global GalaX.

Javon Taylor

Hello everyone! My name is Javon Taylor, a senior at Tallwood High School. Being the manager has been a very easy job, thanks to my amazing writers/classmates. I am sure the May issue will be a success and be very interesting for readers. Thank you to everyone who supports the gazette.