Upcoming Senior Events



Eva Bantelas, pictured above

Isabella Bejarano

The week of June 5th is the exciting last week of classes for Tallwood Seniors, wrapping up the 2022-2023 school year with senior spirit week, finals, and Academy Graduation. 

Senior spirit week starts off with “dress like a kindergartener” day to bring back the nostalgia for seniors. Tuesday will be “country vs country club”, Wednesday is “white lie or college gear day”, Thursday is “barbecue dad vs soccer mom”, and Friday is ”senior citizen day”. All students are invited to take part and show support for the graduating seniors.

Wednesday, June 7th, is practice for all seniors for both Academy graduation and regular graduation. Both practices will be held in the auditorium, practice for the Academy graduation ceremony is during the fourth block and regular graduation ceremony practice will begin at 2:10 pm. 

“I don’t feel like graduation is real yet, it’s almost an out of body experience because it hasn’t sunk in that I’m actually leaving.” Says Eva Bantelas, an academy senior at Tallwood. 

Thursday, June 8th, is the official Academy Graduation, which will take place at Tallwood High School in the auditorium. The reception with friends and family starts at 5:00pm and the actual ceremony will begin at 8:00pm. 

The official graduation ceremony for all Tallwood seniors will take place at the Convention Center, June 14th.

“It’s crazy, I feel like this year in particular flew by. I can’t believe we graduate in June and are just done with something that has been thirteen years in the making.” Says Jenna Hentrich, an Academy Senior at Tallwood.

Finally, the week wraps up with Friday, June 9th, also known as Senior Day. This will be the final hurrah for seniors to spend time with each other and sign yearbooks, receive graduation tickets and yard signs, and participate in elementary grad walks if they volunteered for it.

Congratulations to all seniors for making it to graduation!