“Flipped” Perspectives Always Make the Best Love Stories



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Lissette Tenesaca

Flipped captures the essence of innocence, heartbreak, and forgiving nature of first love withinthe amazing story of main love interests, Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe) and Julie Baker (MadelineCarroll).
Flipped follows Julie Baker and her lifelong crush Bryce Loski, two tweens who couldn’t havebeen farther apart even though they lived right across the street from each other. Julie had been headover heels for Bryce since they had met as children, much to his discouragement, and as they grew, Brycekept as far from her as possible and even became somewhat mean in attempts to cut off her affection.The two reach junior high and with the encouragement of his friends, Bryce goes after another girl whohe knows Julie doesn’t like as an attempt for distance.
The movie goes on to show a pivotal moment of Julie’s favorite sycamore tree getting cut downafter begging Bryce to help her protect it. This lands her in the town paper bringing their families toslowly interact more, letting Bryce’s grandfather become friends with Julie as she reminds him of his latewife. As Julie begins to give up on Bryce, He begins to see her in a new light despite the protest of hisfriends.
He eventually goes multiple things to hurt her like not standing up for her family, attempting tokiss her in front of their school, and throw away a gift she gave him, leading to her completelyignoring him until one day, unbeknownst to her, he shows up at her house and plants her a new tree.The movie ends with her helping him plant the tree and the audience can clearly see that they havereconciled.
The movie shows how paying attention can really matter. Bryce knew how much Julie had lovedthat tree no matter how much he had not liked her before and planted her a new tree in an attempt tomake up for his past mistakes and as Bryce founds out more about Julies’ family along with her unclebeing sick, he realizes he had been so set against Julie and her family because his father had been.
Flipped does not make the plot easy instead unlike many movies where Bryce would have suddenlydecided to like Julie and them be together. The plot allows growth for both of them individually andincludes a conflict to show that love is not always smooth sailing and how even people you love can hurtyour feelings and need to make it up instead of expecting forgiveness.
A similar move is My Girl in the sense of first, young love. However, while Bryce and Julie were notclose until much later in the movie, Anna and Thomas had been friends since they first spoke and bothrelationships ended very differently.
I believe the movie is a great depiction of the complications, bliss, and overwhelming emotionthat come with young love. It allows watchers to see any and all emotions in different characters andsituations.
Flipped is an amazing ode to first love at such a young age and how different things can be ifyou just flip your perspective.