Victorious is a Very Relatable and Humorous Show for Anyone


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Amanda Vallieres

The 2000s was an era with excellent and iconic movies and TV shows. Movies such as Mean Girls, Cheetah Girls, and That’s So Raven are still regarded today as being very popular and humorous. The 2010 TV show Victorious, directed by well-known Dan Schneider, fits this mold well by being a fan favorite and a nostalgic hit.

Victorious revolves around the talented Tori Vega, portrayed by Victoria Justice. She is new to the gifted school Hollywood Arts and eventually meets interesting people to help her experience Hollywood Arts and to also create funny moments within their lives.

The first scene of the pilot episode takes place in Tori Vega’s house, when her future friend, Andre Harris (played by Leon Thomas) comes over to help Tori’s sister, Trina Vega (played by Daniella Monet) prepare for the school talent show. Tori comes and ends up taking her sister’s part by singing and the principal then comes to meet the next brilliant star of Hollywood Arts.

This is where Tori’s adventures start. Throughout the series, her friends ditzy Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande), talented Andre Harris, dark Jade West (played by Elizabeth Gillies), friendly Beck Oliver (played by Avan Jogia), and nerdy Robbia Shapiro (played by Matt Bennett) accompanied by his annoying puppet Rex Powers (voiced by Jake Farrow) experience multiple hilarious adventures such as dressing up as food for money and making a cupcake floatie for the Parade Parade.

Specifically, there were two incredible episodes that aired which showed what the students and their teacher, Mr Sikowitz (played by Eric Lange), did for spring break. The group went to a foreign country called Yerba expecting a relaxing paradise only to come to a country currently in a violent war. They ended up in the prison and Cat specifically exclaimed, “I joined a prison gang!” These episodes were so random that they were humorous because of the lacking of reality shown.

This is how most Victorious episodes work, where the group go through many random adventures which ultimately grow their bond. Also, the characters all have diverse and well-thought out personalities and great music which help develop the plot of the whole series. The series ended abruptly with the last episode called “Victori-Yes”, where the characters were forced to say “yes” to everything for a day. Just like the characters, you should say “Yes!” to
watch this TV show for yourself.