Garden Club Springs Back into Action


Sophia Dodge

Gardening Club works in the Courtyard.

Kaden Ellison

The THS Garden Club has been getting back into action with the start of spring, planting vegetables and flowers for the upcoming school year. 

“Our main plan is really just to cultivate what we’ve started to grow,” said Renee Fail, who has been the advisor for Garden club since the start of the school year. 

Because of the pandemic, Garden Club stopped for just under 2 years until Solana Lamoso, current senior at Tallwood and Garden Club president, wanted to bring it back.

“I started Garden club because before covid I was a member and it was so fun. When we got back to school I was really sad that nobody had restarted it, so I decided to just do it myself” said Lamoso. Since Garden club has restarted they have renovated the flower beds, planted different seeds, and have been working on fundraising for the next school year.

“I like coming out here to the garden and being able to plant while talking to people,” said Simona Tomova, a garden club member, when asked what they enjoy about Garden Club. As everything is grown on school grounds in the greenhouse or flower beds in the courtyard, students can potentially take home what they’ve grown.

“I really enjoy Garden club, sometimes it’s a little stressful but overall it’s just rewarding seeing things I planted grow and be used by others.” Said Lamoso.