John Wick is Another Exciting Addition to the Action Series


Free seats in movie theater photo, public domain leisure CC0 image.

Trey Kuriger III

From the bustling midnight streets of Japan, to the winding roads of France, John WIck Chapter 4 has action junkies sitting on the edge of their seats for the phenomenal finale!

First of all, this movie has not only a perfect soundtrack that keeps the suspense going throughout the entire film, but also action scenes that would make any normal movie watcher think it was taken in one shot. The action scenes throughout this movie, as well as the John Wick movies that came before it, have amazing camera angles that allow the viewer to see each punch being thrown, along with every bullet being fired. It can be stated with confidence that this movie did not let down, but the fight scenes were not the only benefiting factor to this killing hit.

The soundtrack also needs to have light shined upon it because, without it, the movie would not have enough charm and suspense to keep the audience paying attention for its three hour movie length. This can be shown when the audience finishes watching a twenty minute fight scene, and are now watching two rich, high class men talking about how money makes the world go round, but instead of losing the tension from the fight scene, it is transferred over to the more calm scenes in order to maintain said tension. 

Can’t leave out the CGI either because it also deserves a lot of credit! Throughout the movie, it is difficult to point out moments where the CGI was very noticeable, and this is good because it makes the movie feel authentic and nice. 

The actors also continued to play their roles well, even though this movie was the fourth, and final, installment in the John Wick saga.