Tallwood Shows Their School Spirit During the Winter Pep Rally


Rowan Countryman

Tallwood students showed their school spirit during Tallwood High School’s winter pep rally on Friday, February 3rd.

This was Tallwood’s second pep rally since they’ve reopened from quarantine and most students did not have high hopes for it. “I am excited for it but I think it is going to fail miserably” says Chloe Blevins, 10th grade student.

The pep rally opened with individual introductions for Tallwood’s winter sports teams and was followed by performances from the varsity cheer team and step team.

The next activity was a donut eating contest between a handful of students and the sponsors for each grade level, which was won by the teachers.

After, A Tallwood student who goes by the stage name of NSD Drippy did a private performance of his song, We Are The Lions.

Next was a relay race with a variety of different activities with students taken from the audience as participants.

Closing out the pep rally was the spirit stick competition, which the senior class won by screaming the loudest to show their school spirit.

Some SCA students expressed some challenges they had when organizing the event, specifically with setting each activity up and having enough time for each event. “When you’re working with two minutes for each section, there’s a lot of room for error.” says Santiago Smith-Jordan, 12th grade student and SCA member.

Overall, the majority of students and staff seemed to have positive feedback on the pep rally. “I think everyone’s favorite part, teachers and students, was the solidarity between everyone.” says Nickayl Williams, Tallwood staff.