NSD Drippy: Student and a Rapper

Ricky Johnson

Tallwood had an amazing pep rally with one addition that had all the students talking about. Jamari Mabry, also known as NSD Drippy is a 10th grader at Tallwood that is a rapper outside of school. Jamari grew up always wanting to be a singer and now rapping; therefore, getting on the Tallwood stage is one big step onto getting his name out in the world.

Jamari was always just a regular student until he started making music. With not many listeners he still put out music and had a passion for writing music. While still being young Jamari has a long way to go.

“When I was younger I didn’t really have my eyes on being a rapper, I wanted to be a singer, but then I realized that I had a talent for writing music and I learned how much I loved listening to rap music, so I decided to become one.” Jamari Mabry (NSD Drippy)

NSD Drippy was a name Jamari got from listening to a rapper YNW Melly and he liked how he made a brand for himself with YNW. So Jamari took that inspiration and came up with NSD which stands for “Never Stop Drippin,” and “Drippy” is just his nickname.

“ When he came out for the pep rally, it made it so much better,” said multiple students at Tallwood. “I feel he brought a lot of positivity to the school”, said James Holste, a 10th grader at Tallwood.

Jamari was just doing rapping outside of school with not a lot of people knowing that he raps. But when Tallwood had an upcoming pep rally a couple kids signed him up. He wasn’t planning on performing but Tallwood agreed and he was on board. Everyone in school was talking about the pep rally and how NSD Drippy is in it. Then when the day came he immediately lit up the gym with “NSD Drippy” chants and students getting hyped. Eventually ending with most of the students phone flashlights on and the gym lights off that sent the gym crazy.

“I kind of got signed up, because everyone was telling me to do it, then a couple kids just asked me if I should do it, and I said it sounded cool, then I did it.” said Jamari.

Jamari is bringing positivity and some new rap music to the school. Now being the talk all around school and everyone knowing his name has some companies wanting him to perform. NSD Drippy is making a name for himself hoping that he will eventually be a big name artist that everyone will talk about.